Link your users with SMS Api continuously secured by captcha

Under the protection of Captcha, the safe and stable SMS API can not only reach every user in the world, but also effectively resist malicious traffic attacks and reduce the loss of SMS charges.

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  • Protect Account & Secure Access
  • Resist Risks & Trade Safely
  • Promote Activities & Expand Influence
  • Reminder notification & Wake Up User

Reach Every User with SMS Api

  • Defend against fraud

    Use SMS messages to verify the real identity of your visitors, protecting against attacks from registration to marketing campaigns.

  • Control transaction risk

    No matter where the user is, SMS messages authenticate users in 230+ regions, keep out transaction fraud, and easily help you connect users and expand your business.

  • Reminder to notify user

    Remind or notify users in a timely manner, giving them an opportunity to respond and engage.

  • Motivate users to be active

    Accurately grasp the user's time, and send marketing information such as product promotions and new product discounts to users at the right time to increase user activity.

Botion SMS Differentiates Offers Advantages to Expand Your Business

  • Defense against attacks

    Botion SMS will be more secure under the protection of CAPTCHA, which can identify every machine attack behavior, effectively block the attack, reduce SMS loss, and send text messages to users

  • Free Trial

    Botion will provide $10 credit to customers for the experience. so that you can better test the function of SMS.

  • Global Coverage

    Our service covers 230+ countries/regions, and cooperates with more than 700 telecom partners around the world. It supports transactional and large-capacity message services.

  • Stable and Safe

    Provide advanced and scientific encryption technology to ensure the security of your communication process, provide multiple mobile carriers, intelligent scheduling, and maintain stability.

Pricing for some countries/regions of SMS

  • India
    $ / per SMS

    Botion Verification SMS

  • Vietnam
    $ / per SMS

    Botion Verification SMS

  • Hong Kong
    $ / per SMS

    Botion Verification SMS

  • Taiwan
    $ / per SMS

    Botion Verification SMS

More prices

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Access Process

  • Register a Botion account
  • Create SMS template
  • Access SMS API
  • Send SMS
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